Apple updated its Shazam Music Discovery app on Tuesday with new features that allow users to add a widget to the iOS home screen.

Uses the latest version of Shazam iOS 14 Widget experience. Users can now add a small, medium, or large Shazam widget to the home screen to access recently discovered songs.

Tapping a discovered song will bring Shazam to that song’s information page. In addition, the widget acts as a launchpad for the app functionality. Users can do a Shazam by tapping the app icon in the top right corner.

Shazam last received an update in December that a Revision of the user interface and added improved sync and notifications for missed and offline Shazams. At the same time, Apple released a web version of the tool, which is available from

Apple acquired Shazam in 2017 for allegedly $ 400 million and has since incorporated song identification service into Siri, Apple Music, and iOS. Most recently Apple added Shazam to the control center in iOS 14.2, provides quick access to the tool from anywhere in the operating system.

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