According to the recent “ad” Intel posted on Twitter targeting M1 chips that lack functionality, Apple appears to have taken a page from the classic book of good public etiquette and released a series of updates that point to it indicate that the new MacBooks will run M1 chips have iPhone Grade Security.

Amid mounting security concerns and disclosed records due to data breach in recent months, Apple updated its platform security documents on Thursday. The documents used to be divided into iOS and Mac manuals, but the company merged them into a single guide in December 2019, detailing the company’s key functions in protecting its devices and user data on all Apple platforms. This comprehensive guide has grown exponentially over the past decade, from its humble beginnings as an iOS-specific security document in 2012 to over 200 pages of technical information.

ON THE SUBJECT OF MATCHING ITEMS: New Intel Ad Slams Macs with ARM-based M1 chips

The newly updated …

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