Apple should scan iPhones for child abuse images, says scan technology


    Apple should heed warnings from UK security services and revive its controversial plans to scan iPhones for images of child abuse, the scanning technology’s inventor has argued.

    Prof. Hany Farid, an expert in image analysis at the University of California, Berkeley, is the inventor of PhotoDNA, an “image hashing” technique used by companies on the Internet to identify and remove illegal images. He said that Apple should be encouraged to revive its shelved plans to do just that, following intervention by technical leaders at GCHQ and the National Cyber ​​Security Center, who support expanding the technology to individual phones.

    “The pushback came from a relatively small number of privacy groups,” Farid said, speaking to the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) about the child protection group’s latest podcast. “I would argue that the vast majority of people would have said, ‘Sure, that seems perfectly reasonable,’ but still, a relatively small but vocal group did have a…


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