In a new video posted on YouTube today, Apple continues to emphasize the potentially life-saving features of the Apple Watch. The new video is titled “911” and tells three stories of people who were able to get help from emergency services with their Apple Watch.

The advertisement doesn’t show the Apple Watch itself. Instead, it focuses on the stories of the three Apple Watch users who credit the device for helping them reach 911 in an emergency. The ad uses audio from the 911 calls themselves.

“These are just three of the many incredible stories people could get help using the Apple Watch,” Apple advertises. At least two of the stories appear to be the ones we covered here earlier 9to5Mac:

The Apple Watch has an emergency SOS function with which you can quickly and easily reach the emergency number by pressing and holding the side button. There’s also a fall detection feature that can detect when an Apple Watch user has suffered a hard fall and automatically call 911 if the person doesn’t cancel the alarm within a minute of the fall.

9to5Macs Take

This isn’t the first time Apple has focused its advertising on the life-saving features of the Apple Watch. A few years ago, it debuted a video titled “Dear Apple,” features stories from Apple Watch users who attribute the wearable to “helping them live healthier lives”.

However, this new ‘911’ video has met with some criticism. The edge, for example, Apple accused Apple of “being afraid to sell you” and “penetrating shady insurance salespeople for it.”

I think this is actually a pretty good indicator that highlights one of the most useful features of the Apple Watch for the average user. Emergency SOS and fall detection are also two of the more hidden features of the Apple Watch. So ideally, this ad will help raise awareness.

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