Earlier this month, Tim Cook announced in an internal memo that Apple will adopt a new hybrid work plan This requires that employees work in person on at least three days a week. While this has caused some controversy, the company reiterated that it has no intention of reversing its decision as it considers personal work “essential”.

In an internal video by The edge, Deirdre O’Brien, Senior VP of Retail and People, said Apple believes that “personal collaboration is essential to our culture and our future.” O’Brien also mentioned that the products and services Apple launched in the past were all the result of personal collaboration.

“If we take a moment to think about our incredible product launches over the past year, the products and the implementation of the product launch have been built on the basis of years of work that we have all personally spent together.”

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Apple had to close its offices in 2020, resulting in over a year of complete remote work. Now that the US situation has improved, the company wants its employees to go back to work in person, but there is a group of people who have spoken out against this decision.

Employees have sent a letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook Asks the company to let them choose whether to work in person or remotely, but Apple declines that request. As mentioned in the report, the company will look at each case individually, but the mandate is now to return to the office after the hybrid model.

Now Apple essentially denies that request, saying that all decisions about working remotely are “made on a case-by-case basis, with new remote positions requiring executive approval”.

While a hybrid work model is part of a new, more relaxed approach from Apple, it’s still pretty traditional compared to other companies like Google and Facebook, which let their employees work remotely indefinitely.

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