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Security is a moving target, and Apple’s latest security release aims to be more responsive to it: To keep iPhones and Macs up to date with new security fixes, it introduces Rapid Security Response, which applies security updates to devices on the go, outside of version updates for iOS.

The feature was announced at its Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) and already appears to be live in the iOS 16 developer beta (meaning: it’s likely to roll out with the general release of iOS 16 as well).

The feature was only briefly mentioned in yesterday’s keynote, but in the developer version of iOS 16 the new toggle already shows up in the automatic updates menu under “Install system and data files”. It suggests that Apple could push automatic security patches by default.

The new software update toggle in iOS 16 Developer Beta enables automatic security updates

A new software update toggle in the iOS 16 developer beta enables automatic security updates

The description of the feature suggests that you may not…

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