Vybe Together, an app that enables “secret parties” between users, has been removed from the iOS App Store after apparent disregard Coronavirus Safety guidelines by promoting large New Year’s Eve meetings.

A recently released Vybe Together video was posted on TikTok encouraging Users are expected to attend “secret gatherings” in New York City up to and including this weekend, reports Business Insider. The short video sharing platform disabled the company’s account, which was highlighted as an advertisement by “NYE Ragers” New York Times reporter Taylor Lorenz in a tweet on Tuesday.

Apple followed quickly and selected the app from the Appstore. Vybes creator Approved The tech giant was responsible for the dismantling in a statement The edge.

Vybe Together, a relatively opaque service, encouraged users to join in “private” celebrations, using the slogan “Dress up your rebel. Turn your party on.” The app is – or was – somewhat exclusive and only eligible members could use the service to find, create, and join parties.

“We’re like Eventbrite, but a lot cooler,” said a spokesman for Vybe Together Business Insider. “Vybe’s can be anything from board games to bachata with your neighbors. Lots of people have been isolated and lonely and we wanted to allow them to meet. We understand that large gatherings are not okay and we don’t encourage them. When We see that events are popular. We take them off! “

One person who claims to be a Vybe co-founder told The edge that the service had a few “thousand” members, several thousand of whom were in the starting blocks as applicants. The revelation of Lorenz’s tweet may have drawn more users to the service, although media auditing apparently forced it to cease operations.

After the TikTok account was closed and the app was removed from the App Store, the company closed its website and closed an Instagram account. Vybe’s last Instagram post – before it was also removed – read: “Blown out of proportion by the media. We don’t do big gatherings !!!”

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