Apple ‘Passkeys’ Might Finally Kill Password Forever – TechCrunch


At WWDC 2022, Apple demonstrated “Passkeys,” a new biometric login standard that could turn off the password for good.

It’s no secret that passwords are insecure, with easy-to-guess credentials responsible for more than 80% of all data breaches, according to Verizon’s annual data breach report. According to Apple, passkeys completely eliminate the need for passwords and are much less vulnerable to theft in the event of a data breach or phishing attempt.

Passkeys are based on the Web Authentication API (WebAuthn), a standard that uses public-key cryptography instead of passwords to authenticate users to websites and applications, and are stored on the device rather than on a web server. The digital password replacement uses Touch ID or Face ID for biometric verification, which means an app or website you’re logging into sends a request to your phone instead of having to type a long string of characters…

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