iPhones are getting more and more expensive: take a close look and the iPhone 12 costs $ 170 more than the iPhone 11. But if you’ve been thinking of swapping out your iPhone for a cheaper handset, Apple has just shown a good reason to stick with the brand.

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Speckled by AppleInsiderApple announced that it is working on a technology that will allow iPhones to wirelessly charge from an iPad, MacBook, or Mac. And when you dig deeper, it looks like a game changer.

In one patent Apple is entitled “Inductive Charging Between Electronic Devices” and is granted today by the US Patent and Trademark Office. It shows how installing an induction coil in a laptop or iPad can magnetically connect and charge an iPhone. Apple shows different setups, with the coil located anywhere from the bottom of a laptop to under the front display of an iPad (picture below). The latter is obviously unlikely, but the point of a patent is to cover all the bases.

In addition, the potential here is enormous, as Apple’s new M1 MacBooks already have a mind-boggling battery life (up to 20 hours) so they need to be charged. In the future, this means that an owner can start a cable-free weekend with just their MacBook and iPhone. And all rivals can bid now Limit ridiculous.

The lock-in is undeniable, however: Apple’s proprietary silicon combined with its proprietary MagSafe charging system. So, if you thought you might drop your iPhone, think again.

The downside is a patent that offers neither a clear time frame for market launch nor a guarantee that it will even succeed there. However, this is different from most patents. The main components are already in place, a major update to the MacBook is expected this year, and the (now public) patent shows that it was originally filed on August 30, 2019. So Apple has been working on it for a while.

If your 2021 resolutions include a plan to do without your iPhone, then it’s time to reconsider those plans.


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