Apple added a new function for search suggestions in the App Store In the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK, this could make apps easier to find. Now, after you’ve entered a search term, the App Store tries to predict what you’re looking for and offers suggested words that, as you type, further narrow your search results and make searches for certain types of apps faster.

Search suggestions were published in April as part of a test on some iPhones. according to MacRumorsNow, however, the feature should be available for all iPhones in the supported regions.

Using search suggestions is pretty straightforward. For example, let’s say I’m looking for an app that can make pizza from scratch: I can type “pizza” in the App Store search box and add additional words like “maker”, “game”, “call”, and “call” Show. Calculator ”or“ order ”. If you choose one of these suggestions, the results will be filtered further. So when you select a calculator, it will bring up apps for calculating the ingredients with the correct proportions for pizza dough (surprisingly, there are plenty of them).

Find “pizza calculators” using the new App Store search suggestions.

Currently, you cannot select multiple suggestions for each search. I was able to refine Apple’s example for “Food” with “Delivery” and “Indian”, but my other example searches only gave me one filter at a time. A filter suggestion is not displayed for every search. We reached out to Apple to clarify when suggestions would appear.

What keeps coming up when you search are ads that Apple originally created Added to App Store Search in 2016. It’s easy to see how my plan to make pizza from scratch derailed from a large ad from Uber Eats or Papa John above my helpful dough calculator app. Ordering delivery is so much easier than math.

These ads are likely to further spark Apple’s App Store critics – they will no doubt argue that an indie developer trying to more easily figure out the water to flour ratio in pizza shouldn’t be rivaling Uber’s ad budget in the same way They believe competing apps shouldn’t buy ads before each other’s products while Apple benefits from the result. But every change to a search engine has winners and losers, and it’s not yet clear whether that change will make it easier or harder for small developers to get more exposure. They could be helpful to anyone using the App Store.

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