“Apple has to stop,” said Epic games CEO Tim Sweeney at an app conference in South Korea. He also said that Google was “crazy” the way it handled app purchases …


Epic Games is fighting with Apple over payments for in-app purchases. Epic launched its own store to bypass Apple’s cut in in-app payments against App Store terms, and the Cupertino-based company suspended the company’s developer account. This meant that Fortnite was no longer available on iOS.

Epic has won a partial victory in courtwhen the judge ruled that Apple must allow developers to link to third-party payment platforms. However, the judgment also found that the app store is not a monopoly, with This aspect is epically appealing. Apple has refused to let Epic back on the App Store until this appeal has been negotiated.

Separately, according to complaints from developers last year, South Korea passed a law this also had the same effect that Apple (and Google) had to allow the use of third-party payment platforms. Apple missed a deadline disclose its plans to comply with the law.

Apple must stop, says Epic Games

Bloomberg reports that Sweeney referred to this failure in his remarks at a conference in the country.

Tim Sweeney, Chief Executive Officer of Epic Games Inc., renewed his attack on the duopoly power of Apple Inc. and Google of Alphabet Inc. as the world’s dominant mobile platforms at a conference in Seoul on Tuesday.

“Apple ties one billion users to one shop and payment processor,” said Sweeney at the Global Conference for Mobile Application Ecosystem Fairness in South Korea, home of the world’s first law to require that mobile platforms allow users to choose between payment processes. “Now Apple is abiding by repressive foreign laws that monitor users and deny them political rights. But Apple ignores laws passed by Korean democracy. Apple has to be stopped. “

Google hit the deadline, but not in a way the developers liked: it allowed them to use external payment platforms but still charged a commission on apps sold through the Play Store.

Google was also sharply reprimanded by Sweeney, who criticized its approach of charging for payments it does not process as “crazy”. The Epic Games founder commended Korea for leading the fight against anti-competitive practices with its latest legislation, and said, “I am very proud to stand with you against these monopolies. I am proud to stand by you and say that I am Korean. “

Neither company had responded at the time of writing, but Apple has previously said that it doesn’t think it needs to make any changes to comply with Korean law. She did not explain the reason for this.

Apple faces relatives Antitrust law Investigations and litigation worldwide.

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