Corellium, a security company that provides virtualization software for testing purposes, has just won a major preliminary victory over Apple.

A federal judge threw back Apple’s lawsuit, alleging that Corellium had infringed copyright law with its software. The Washington Post reported yesterday. Corellium is a relatively small startup with an industry staggering idea: Deploy an iOS virtual platform that can run on just about any computer. This virtualization software is mainly marketed as a tool for testing software on iOS without actually testing it on an iPhone.

Judge Rodney Smith, in a motion to summarize the judgment in the U.S. District Court for South Florida, found that Corellium’s use of the iOS code was fair. Smith’s verdict knocks down Apple’s arguments one after the other until the company’s lawsuit is no longer answerable.

Apple’s fight against Corellium is not over yet – the court system has other allegations to review.

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