Looking back at another week of news and headlines from Cupertino: This week’s Apple Loop includes new iPhone 13 display leaks, iPhone SE versus iPhone 12 Mini, Apple’s secret security update, Mac and Windows back together, and iPad issues – and MacBook chips and a preview of Apple’s “Spring Forward” event.

Apple Loop is here to remind you of some of the many discussions that have been going on around Apple over the past seven days (and you can read my weekly recap of Android news here on Forbes).

The new iPhone screen becomes clear

More details on the upcoming iPhone screen. The Geekerati receive pictures of iPhone parts showing the new design of the notch on top of the iOS smartphone. As expected, the speaker moves into the top bezel, reducing the screen area that has to be sacrificed for the other sensors:

“Apple achieves the reduction in width by lifting the earbud up and into the top of the display bezel. The infrared and camera components remain in the visible notch area. The photos show how the screen protectors accommodate this change by deliberately leaving the earbud open. “”


The iPhone SE versus the iPhone Mini

Apple currently has two “small” iPhones in the iPhone SE and in the iPhone 12 Mini. With the iPhone 13 Mini slated to hit the market this year, you might think the Mini is the winner as there are no updates to the SE. However, the latest analyst reports suggest that the iPhone 13 Mini will be the last in line and the iPhone SE will be updated in 2023 to be the “little iPhone” of choice:

“Apple’s 2022 iPhones could be available in four different models with significantly improved cameras,” said TFI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo in a Wednesday note to investors iPhone 12 Mini, which was released in 2020 after years of user inquiries for a smaller iPhone. “


Massive security update from Apple revealed

Details released by Apple brought to light the “secret” upgrade of the hardware design of older iPhones in the past year. Apple made the decision to update the Secure Enclave range of the A12 and A13 processors. It is assumed that significant security issues have been identified on the hardware that could not be resolved by a software update.

“The Secure Enclave is part of the Axx processor design, which provides a specific hardened area for storing and processing sensitive data, such as the device’s passcode, TouchID data, and FaceID data. First launched with the A7, all current iOS – and iPadOS data devices have the secure enclave. “


MacBook and Windows are back together

This week, Windows 10 came on top of the Apple Silicon variant of the Mac. Yes, that’s always popular Parallel desktop The software for virtual machines has released a native version for the M1 Macs. Granted, you need the ARM versions of Windows, so you have the same limitations as Surface Pro X users. However, Microsoft may be offering this to far more ARM users of Windows 10 than anything the Surface range can offer this year.

“Please note that with M1-Macs you can only run Windows 10 for ARM64 and this variant is currently in the technical preview. In addition, you cannot run 64-bit applications (x64) limited to 64-bit (ARM64) , 32-bit (ARM32), and 32-bit (x86) apps, and Microsoft has listed a number of other restrictions for this platform that should be considered.

In terms of compatibility, more than 100,000 Mac users with M1 support have tested the Parallels Desktop 16.5 Technical Preview for M1 Mac, as well as tens of thousands of different Intel-based Windows applications. “


When the chips are down …

The global shortage of components is affecting consumer electronics across the board, and Apple is no exception. Although order book size makes it a priority, many believe that Apple’s output will be affected, including the iPad and MacBook lines of products:

“Production of some MacBooks and iPads has been postponed due to global component shortages. The shortage of chips has resulted in delays in an important step in MacBook production – assembling components onto circuit boards before final assembly,” sources told Nikkei Asia to Some iPad assemblies, meanwhile, have been postponed due to a lack of displays and display components.

Nikkei Asia.

And finally …

Apple’s “Spring Laoded” event will take place next week. The traditional introduction of the first half of the year usually brings with it the new iPads and educational products. Last year, the iPhone SE and the last of the Intel-based MacBooks were launched around the same time. What can we expect this year? Will we finally see the air tags?

Serial leaker Jon Prosser said in October that AirTags had been postponed to March 2021, which he repeated in February. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo offered in January that AirTags would be on the way sometime in 2021, though It wasn’t. I’m not guessing when it would be … Having these features in beta, as well as third-party support for Find My, certainly increases the chances of an upcoming launch of “AirTags” at an event. “

Apple Insider.

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