Apple leaks hot-tipped new iPhone 14 upgrade


The first iOS 16 beta is here and Apple has left one Treasure trove of information in his codeincluding what’s being called an outstanding iPhone 14 upgrade.

Discovered by 9to5Mac, iOS 16 includes “several references confirming that iOS 16 does indeed include support for an always-on display”. This is a feature Apple left out when iOS 16 officially launched, and to explain its omission this will be something Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman recently claimed exclusively for iPhone 14 Pro models.

9to5Mac breaks down his discovery, explaining:

“In iOS 16, three new frameworks related to iPhone display backlight management have been added. Backlight management is a key aspect of enabling an always-on feature. Each of these frameworks contains references to an always-on display capability.”

The site notes that the references shouldn’t be confused with the always-on display already present in the Apple Watch and are specific to components within iOS – including the lock screen.

“Additionally, and most importantly, there are several references to an always-on display within Springboard – which manages the iPhone’s lock screen (and home screen). Apple Watch doesn’t use Springboard,” it concludes.

Interestingly, 9to5Mac notes that there are hidden flags in the iOS 16 beta code that allow the feature to be enabled on unsupported devices for testing. Should that give hope to owners of older iPhones? I wouldn’t be so sure.

First, while iPhone 13 Pro models have displays with a variable refresh rate ranging from 10-120Hz, the iPhone 14 Pro display is designed to go down to just 1Hz, making an always-on display on this device more efficient. Second, if it were coming to existing iPhone models, Apple would certainly have announced it, especially when it touted lockscreen improvements as one of iOS 16’s biggest upgrades.

Additionally, Apple has a long history of injecting code into next-gen versions of iOS that reveals information about upcoming products and accessories. iOS 12 beta code included Iconography of the iPhone XS MaxiOS 13 the iPhone SE2 leaked as well as Apple CarKeyiOS 14 The iPhone 12 Mini has been leaked and iOS15 leaked next-gen MacBooks.

Consequently, I believe we’ve just seen the first example of as long as the feature makes it into the final iOS 16 release aggressive iPhone 14 differentiation that Apple is expected to pursue. Regardless of the cost.


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