Apple Just Patched 37 iPhone Security Bugs – Update iOS ASAP


    July was a month of critical updates, including patches for previously exploited vulnerabilities in Microsoft and Google products. This month also saw Apple’s first iOS update in eight weeks, which fixes dozens of security vulnerabilities in iPhones and iPads.

    Enterprise products also continue to be affected by vulnerabilities, with patches for SAP, Cisco and Oracle software being released in July. Here’s what you need to know about the vulnerabilities fixed in July.

    Apple iOS 15.6

    Apple released iOS and iPadOS 15.6 to fix 37 security vulnerabilities, including an Apple File System (APFS) issue tracked as CVE-2022-32832. If exploited, the vulnerability could allow an app to run code with kernel privileges, according to Apple’s support site, giving it sweeping access to your device.

    Other iOS 15.6 patches fix vulnerabilities in the kernel and WebKit browser engine, as well as bugs in IOMobileFrameBuffer, Audio, iCloud Photo Library, ImageIO, Apple Neural Engine, and GPU drivers.

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