The lawsuit, filed in federal court in California, alleges that NSO’s spyware known as Pegasus and other malware caused Apple damage and property while violating the human rights of Apple users.
“To prevent further abuse and harm to its users, Apple is also requesting a permanent injunction to prohibit the NSO Group from using Apple software, services or devices,” said a statement from Apple.

In a statement Tuesday, NSO Group failed to go into the details of the lawsuit, instead saying that the company’s technology saves lives.

The NSO Group provides “legal tools” to help governments fight pedophiles and terrorists, the company said.

While the NSO Group has long claimed that it only sold its software to authorized users for law enforcement and counter-terrorism purposes, researchers have found evidence for years that Pegasus was used to monitor dissidents and human rights defenders.

Researchers at the University of Toronto’s Citizen Lab said in September that a …


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