After pushing iOS 14.4.1 update A few weeks ago, Apple released a new iOS 14.4.2 update to fix another security issue. This is done according to Google Project Zero had discovered 11 zero-day exploits which are actively used to hack Android, Windows and iOS devices.

For older devices that don’t support iOS 14, like the iPhone 6 or older, Apple does too Pressing iOS 12.5.2 which also addresses the same security concerns. If you haven’t received a notification, just go to Settings> General> Software Update to download iOS 14.4.2. The iOS 14.4.2 update is approximately 200MB in size.

According to Apple descriptionDoes the new update affect “The processing of maliciously designed web content can lead to universal cross-site scripting”. Apple is aware of a report of the problem that may have been actively exploited. Credited to Clement Lecigne and Billy Leonard of the Google Threat Analysis Group.

As previously reported, Google’s Project Zero team had discovered multiple exploits that allowed a few dozen websites to redirect vulnerable users to exploit servers. There is one server attacking iOS and Windows users while another is focused on Android users. The team also reported that the hackers had “advanced knowledge” to bypass the security systems of “well-developed operating systems and apps that were fully patched”.

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