Apple finally tells us why Stage Manager isn’t coming for non-M1 iPads


Apple announced the new iPadOS 16 release for the iPads earlier this month at WWDC 2022, and many new features were shared. However, the company also hinted that some of the best features of the iPadOS 16 version will not be compatible with iPads running on the A-series chipset. But the company has never told us the reason for such a move, which has angered millions of those still using the older iPads or even the last-gen iPad Air model.

Now we finally have the answer behind that decision from none other than Craig Federighi, senior vice president – ​​software engineering, Apple. In a recent interview, Craig was asked about the bizarre move of limiting his new features to the M1 chipset iPads.

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This is what Craig said in response: “We started some of our prototypes with these systems and it became clear early on that we couldn’t deliver the experience we designed with them. Of course we’d love to bring every new experience to every device, but we also don’t want to hold back on defining a new experience and don’t want to build in that experience the best foundation for the future. And we were actually only able to do that by building on the M1.”

Apple has introduced the new version iPadOS 16 for iPads

So what Craig is essentially saying is that Apple found during its testing that the A-series chipset isn’t powerful enough to support multitasking. In fact, you need the M1 series chip on the iPad to use the virtual memory expansion feature, which is also required for the Stage Manager to work effectively.

Apple wanted fluidity and responsiveness between apps on iPadOS 16 before releasing it to the public, and their internal evaluation has shown them that the A-series hardware cannot support that level of performance.

Craig’s update clears our doubts, but for the iPad users, it seems like a tough decision from Apple not to experience Stage Manager on their devices. Especially since these iPads will get the iPadOS 16 version, but only the bare bones of the new software for the iPads.

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This appears to be Apple’s way of adding more M-series devices to its lineup and suggesting that those with the older iPads should upgrade to the newer or even the older iPad Pros.

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