Apple and Epic experts argue about whether iOS Users are bound to the platform when other options are available in the market such as: B. Game consoles or the Internet.

Michael Cragg, chairman of the business consultancy Brattle Group, testified on Thursday on behalf of the “Fortnite” manufacturer during ongoing operations Epic Games versus Apple Attempt. One of his main arguments was that other versions of “Fortnite” are not a substitute for iOS games.

This argument contradicts the testimony of Apple’s witnesses who claimed that “Fortnite” players are not tied to Apple’s ecosystem and have choices about how they play the game and others who like it.

For example, iOS mobile players spent an average of 47 minutes a week with Fortnite. Those on consoles, on the other hand, spent an average of six or seven hours.

“The hypothesis of the Apple experts is that playing on multiple platforms is one way of creating a disciplining force for Apple Appstore“Says Cragg, adding,” From a practical point of view, that doesn’t happen in the marketplace. “

At another point, Cragg talked about the differences between mobile and console games. In particular, he argued that they are not interchangeable as mobile games are more of a “fleeting experience”. In contrast, he compared console games to a Hollywood movie.

This contradicts the testimony of Apple’s expert Thursday, the University of Pennsylvania Wharton economist Loin Hitt. Hitt had claimed that Apple did not have a monopoly on the mobile game market because developers could choose to develop games for other platforms.

Elsewhere during Hitt’s testimony, he analyzed some of the data relating to “Fortnite” players on iOS. For example, 10.2% of all Fortnite players used iOS between March 2018 and July 2020. They accounted for about 13.2% of Fortnite’s sales for a total of $ 745 million from $ 5.63 billion.

Hitt also claimed that “Fortnite” withheld 88% of player spend after Apple kicked it from the App Store. He says that shows that consumers are “ready and able” to switch platforms.

“Fortnite” buying behavior was also revealed during the process. For example, a graph shows that 5.6% of “Fortnite” players only shop on iOS, while 2.8% shop on iOS and other platforms. About 15.8% only bought on non-iOS platforms and 75.9% did not buy at all.

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