Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is up to something. But we don’t know exactly what, as he’s not quite ready to reveal everything yet.

The 71 year old technician recently tweeted: “In contrast to the others, a private space company is being founded.” The mysterious contribution contained an equally mysterious video that promised a lot but revealed little.

With a collection of footage clips and a rousing soundtrack, the serious narrator says, “Together we will go far. We take care of each other, solve problems together. This is not a race. It’s not a competition or a game. We are not one person, one company, one nation. We are one planet. “

The narrator sounds like an advertisement that Apple might have thrown in the past few decades and warms up to his topic: “We are explorers. We are dreamers, risk takers, engineers and stargazers. We are human and it is up to us to do what is right and good together. So we have to take care of what we have so that the next generation can be better together. “

The video ends with the slogan: “The sky is not more the limit”.

Privateer Space, as the new company is called, is the brainchild of Wozniak and his long-time friend / employee Alex Fielding of the robotics digitization company Ripcord. Fielding also happens to be a former Apple engineer.

The blurb for the video states that Privateer Space is “working to keep space safe and accessible to all of humanity,” which has led some to speculate that the new venture may be geared towards the cleanup all the annoying space junk currently orbiting the earth. We can certainly not imagine that this is another space tourism service in the sense of. acts Virgo galactic and Blue origin.

When will the couple spill the beans? Well, the big reveal is slated to take place at the AMOS Tech 2021 conference, which takes place September 14-17 in Maui, Hawaii. We’ll definitely update as soon as we know more.

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