Apple and Other Big Tech Companies Attend White House Meetings To Discuss About …


Apple, Google, Amazon, Meta and IBM will attend a meeting at the White House to discuss software security after the US suffered several major cyberattacks in 2021. As reported by Reuters, this meeting is taking place today and will be moderated by a deputy citizen, Cyber ​​and New Technology Security Advisor Anne Neuberger.

This meeting comes after Jake Sullivan, National Security Advisor to the White House, wrote a letter to the CEOs of Apple and other major technology companies regarding the discovery of a “vulnerability in open source software called Log4j, which organizations around the world are using Data in your applications. “

This vulnerability was discovered in December and within a few days all major companies were able to fix the vulnerability. In the case of Apple, this Log4j software offered an iCloud security hole.

According to the Eclectic Light Company, Apple has patched the iCloud hole. The website reports that researchers were able to show …


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