Apple’s Bluetooth-based item tracker AirTags launched last month after much speculation and rumors about the device. Within a few weeks of its launch, the Apple AirTag had a number of vulnerabilities that could allow hackers to modify its firmware. A security researcher on Twitter claimed he could change a standard NFC link on the AirTag by reflashing his microcontroller. The security researcher demonstrated the loopholes by hacking the AirTag using reverse engineering. This allowed him to optimize the functionality of the AirTag and establish a custom NFC connection when the AirTag is in lost mode. According to reports, this appears to be the AirTag’s first “jailbreak”. German security researcher Thomas Roth, known on Twitter by the name “Stacksmashing”, said he could hack into the AirTag by breaking into its microcontroller.

The changes Roth made allowed him to tweak the functionality of the AirTag and create a custom NFC link if …


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