To update: We have a confirmation:

Original story [Sat 30th Jan, 2021 06:00 GMT]:: According to a current YouTube video and Amazon entry, Respawn Entertainment’s free battle royale game Apex Legends arrives next month on February 2nd.

While there’s still no official confirmation from EA, the game’s director, Chad Grenier, has now responded to a question on Twitter asking when the Switch version of the game will be released. Apparently, Nintendo fans can expect some news very soon. Here is the full exchange:

Apex Legends was originally supposed to be released on the Switch last year until Respawn decided to do it delay the game in October. Grenier said this should ensure the team is doing the Switch version “fair”.

There is also some news about the Japanese retail release via GoNintendo. Unsurprisingly, it is only filled with “digital” content and does not contain a playing card.

If Apex Legends arrives at this rate next week, so be it could Be a surprising drop in the eShop. Are you going to check out this free title when it lands? Comment below.

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