Fixing an extremely devastating Apex Legends exploit that allows gamers to use the controller’s aiming aid with their mouse and keyboard is on the developers’ to-do list, but pros doubt it will be resolved anytime soon.

Controller players who would otherwise have difficulty keeping up with their PC brothers in cross-platform multiplayer games like Apex Legends benefit greatly from the aiming aid.

While the aim aid was on controversial addition to many gamesThere is no denying the need to give controller users a fair chance when rivaling the pinpoint accuracy of a mouse.

However, some Apex Legends players have taken advantage of this and used an exploit that allows mouse and keyboard users to use the controller’s aiming aid.

Cloud9 Apex Legends star PVPX rallied on Twitter against this exploit and called on Respawn to do something about it.

“Hybrid (using MnK + Controller at the same time) needs to be removed from Apex Legends,” he said, announcing that he would privately contact a developer to resolve the issue.

In a video, PVPX showed players taping their controller’s left trigger while connected to their PC and setting their sprint to LT to make the game think it’s a permanent controller.

“You can play mouse and keyboard and it never switches to mouse and keyboard input. You get a target aid on the mouse and keyboard, ”he explained while shooting at targets. “Dude, it’s like target-botting!”

In a follow-up tweet, he explained how the developers plan to fix the problem, but couldn’t stand the fact that it will happen anytime soon. “I have no idea how long this will take because there are definitely bigger issues to worry about right now, but at least they are aware of them.”

Some of these issues include troubleshooting DDoS attacks and hackers plaguing Titanfall that have been going on for the past two years. Beginning of July, a Hacker hijacked Apex Legends to draw attention to the movement “Save Titanfall”.

It’s unclear how easy this will be for the development team, but at least they are working on finally addressing this huge game integrity issue.

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