I have no idea what went through Andy Jassy’s mind on his first day as CEO of Amazon. I imagine it had to be a little overwhelming. Becoming the CEO of one of the largest and most important companies in the world has to be a daunting task. Never mind that he follows Jeff Bezos who is one of the most famous founders and business leaders, maybe at all.

Perhaps it’s a little less overwhelming for Jassy, ​​who took over from Bezos this week, considering he’s been at Amazon his entire career, already running the main business unit – AWS. Still, I doubt he would say it’s easy.

Of course, Amazon stock closed nearly five percent higher on Jassy’s first day, largely due to support from the Department of Defense, which said it had signed its $ 10 billion deal with rival cloud computing company Microsoft known as JEDI. would quit. Instead, the Pentagon plans to split the contract between two providers, Microsoft’s Azure and Amazon’s AWS.

Amazon has awarded the JEDI contract to …

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