Andy Jassy, ​​who will replace Jeff Bezos as Amazon CEO later that year cuts an unremarkable profile outside of the shaky world of Cloud computing. But for much of the last decade, he was arguably the most important person in the tech industry.

The unity he leads Amazon Web Services (AWS) has transformed the way businesses buy technology by simplifying computing services into their constituent parts and essentially offering them for rent over the Internet. The company was initially laid off by enterprise software giants like Oracle Inc. before that company and others quickly attempted to emulate elements of the AWS strategy.

In the same earnings report that Amazon said 53-year-old Jassy
would follow Jeff Bezos Later that year, the company reported that AWS had fourth quarter revenue of $ 12.7 billion, making the unit a $ 50 billion annual business.

“Andy brings with him the first principles that have always been part of what has made Amazon successful – deeply …


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