Android alert! Hackers could steal your cash using boobytrapped photo

Hackers could use boobytrapped photographs to hack victims’ phones and steal money, passwords or credit card details.

An urgent security warning has just been issued which warns of dodgy PNG files which contain dangerous code which lets cybercrooks access your phone.

Clicking on one of these images is like flinging the windows and doors of your home wide open then begging thieves to steal all your goodies.

If you don’t recognise the sender of a photo or it doesn’t look like the sort of image a friend would usually send, make sure you don’t open it.

One careless click could cast you down into a world of pain (Photo: Getty)

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The security flaw affects all Android devices.

A patch was issued on February 5 which plugs the security hole, but it’s up to individual phone manufacturers to roll it out.

The threat from the new hacking technique was rated ‘severe’ in a monthly Android security bulletin.

If you open the malicious files, it could let hackers ‘execute arbitrary code’ – which means they can run programs designed to rob you, spy on you or pull some other nasty trick.

So far, there have been ‘no reports of active customer exploitation or abuse of these newly reported issues’ – but it’s just a matter of time before some becomes a victim.

In the meantime, be careful what you click on and be sure to update your device.

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