Android 12 security settings to update ASAP


Apple fans have been enjoying some impressive new updates to the latest iPhones for some time now, packed with fun new features. The highlights of the iPhone updates, however, were the updated security settings.

Despite an additional rollout in October, Android users have patiently waited for Android 12 to bring similar updates to the market. Originally, the update only went to Google Pixel phones. Tap or click here for seven things you didn’t know your Android device could do.

After an initial roll-out, the update will now be made available for Galaxy phones, and the rest will be coming soon. So if you have an Android phone, make sure to customize these Android 12 security settings.

Why the new update is a must

Google collects more data than anyone else in the world, including Facebook, and is currently the number one digital advertising company in the world.

What does this mean for you if you own an Android phone? Your data is more likely to be tracked, accessed, stored and sold unless you give your …

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