Android 12 Has update started to roll out to unlocked Galaxy Note 20 units in the US with One UI 4.0. Incidentally, this includes the Galaxy Note 20 and the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

Android 12 is now rolling out to unlocked Galaxy Note 20 handsets in the US

However, these are not the first Galaxy Note 20 devices to receive Android 12 in the US. The update was first introduced to Verizon models since we reported yesterday. It’s interesting that the rollout started for Verizon models first, but here we go.

In any case, both the unlocked and the Verizon models will follow units in Switzerland that started the update last week. This update comes with Samsung‘s One UI 4.0 skin, and the firmware version we’re looking at is N98xUSQS2EULF.

Android 12 is the second major Android update coming to these two devices. The Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra are shipped with Android 10 and One UI 2.5. Android 11 with One UI 3 landed at the end of 2020.

Note that at the time of this writing, the update was only available on Comcast and Xfinity Mobile networks. It should spread to other networks soon, if it hasn’t already.

However, it does not include the latest Android security patch

Also note that this update will not provide you with the latest security patch. It comes with the December security patch, not the January patch. However, Samsung is sure to roll out the January security patch soon.

The update is over-the-air (OTA), but be aware that it may not be available immediately. As usual with software updates on Android, this is a staggered update. It can take a few days to arrive, maybe even up to a week.

You can always go to Settings and navigate to Software Update -> Download and Install to manually check if the update is available. That doesn’t force it to come, but it will get you to grab it before your phone tells you it’s available. There you have it, Android 12 has hit the US on the unlocked Galaxy Note 20 phones.

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