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Android 11 comes with the release of One UI 3 for the Samsung Galaxy S10 series


Samsung is working hard to add One UI 3 to its smartphone range. share his schedule for updates in the past month. Based on Android 11, these include versions many helpful new featuresas well as a redesigned notification shadow. consequences Distribution for some newer handsetsIt’s finally time for the S10 to get its flavor as One UI 3 lands for the Galaxy S10e and S10 5G in Switzerland.

It’s great to see this update, but Users involved in the One UI 3 S10 beta test You might want to take note of the following: When the update for Note20 arrived, some beta users had to wait up to a week for their new OTA to be released. There is a chance that this will happen again with the S10. In this case, users might get lucky in skipping the queue and trying to force an update using their PCs. If you have Samsung’s Smart Switch PC appYou can try using it to install the latest firmware available for your phone. There is no guarantee that it will work. However, if you’re as impatient as I am, it’s worth a try.

So far, Samsung has done a good job Introduction of Android 11 on its devices. It may be a little slower at times than we’d like it to be, but the company has still beaten most of its competition and improved on last year’s Android 10 schedule.

We’ll keep this page updated as One UI 3 launches in more regions as well as the regular S10 and S10 +.

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