An introduction to VMware KVM mode


In VMware Workstation, all online VMs run in their own windows. Administrators can switch between VMs using the Alt-Tab shortcut to cycle through all open windows or highlight the VM’s window, just like any Windows application.

A VM can also run in full-screen mode. A number of actions are required to switch between the input for a full-screen VM and the native operating system. When an administrator is running multiple VMs, it is not easy to switch between VMs in full-screen mode.

VMware Workstation’s keyboard, video, and mouse mode (KVM) feature simplifies switching between full-screen VMs and the native operating system with just one hotkey. In KVM mode, administrators can run VMs in the background and quickly access the host operating system with this hotkey.

Find and run KVM mode files

KVM mode is available with the vmware-kvm.exe program located in the VMware Workstation installation folder named C:\Program Files (x86)\VMware\VMware Workstation.

If the executable is run with no parameters, the software will…

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