Primary care company One Medical apologized after sending out an email revealing hundreds of customer email addresses.

The email sent by One Medical on Wednesday asked to “Confirm your email,” but an email from TechCrunch contained more than 980 email addresses that were copied into the email. The reason: One Medical did not use the Blind Carbon Copy (bcc 🙂 field for mass emails to its customers who would have hidden their email addresses from each other.

Several customers used Twitter to complainbut also express compassion for what was quickly found to be an obvious mistake. Some users provided different numbers of email addresses in the email they received.

We asked One Medical how many customers disclosed their email addresses and whether the company plans to report the incident to state governments, as may be required under state data breach reporting laws, but we don’t have one right away Answer received.

In a brief statement posted on twitter, One Medical confirmed the …

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