An analysis of Broadcom’s acquisition of VMware


Kevin Huber is CEO of IT Outlet.

What is virtualization? According to VMware, the goal is to create a software-based (or virtual) representation of applications, servers, storage and networks to reduce IT costs while increasing efficiency and agility.

In the race to become the technology leader, virtualization must be at the forefront of all IT decisions. So what does virtualization do? Honestly, it helps make IT agile, scale, move flexibly, and save on operational costs. What should also happen is increased performance, more available resources, and automation where it didn’t exist before. Along with all these benefits, infrastructure management becomes easy to control.

It was recently announced that Broadcom will acquire VMware (full disclosure: both companies are partners of IT Outlet) for $61 billion, ultimately making it one of the biggest tech deals of all time alongside Dell’s EMC…

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