AMZN price target at $106, with short-term risk offset by long-term growth


In this in-depth analysis of Amazon (AMZN) stockwe use both DCF (discounted cash flow) and comparative P/E valuation models to achieve our 12-month average price target. We run through various scenarios, largely based on margin assumptions, with some historical analysis of where average industry-wide and index valuation ratios settle in times of bear markets and recessions now that both the S&P 500 and Nasdaq have officially entered the bear market. We then combine this with a Amazon technical analysis to further strengthen our target price Case.


1. Amazon: company overview and history

2. Amazon: Wall Street consensus forecasts

3. Amazon: Key Valuation Metrics

4. Amazon: peer value comparison

5. Amazon: Macroeconomic background, market cycle and sector analysis

6. Amazon: Breaking News and Earnings

7. Amazon: Forecast and Rating

8. Amazon: Technical Analysis

9. Amazon: Summary, …

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