BANGKOK – Amnesty International has found that a hacking group known as Ocean Lotus has carried out more spyware attacks on Vietnamese human rights activists than the last time freedom of speech was compromised in the communist-ruled country.

The human rights group said Wednesday that Amnesty Tech’s security lab found evidence of the hacking attempts in phishing emails sent to two dissidents, one in the Philippines and one in Germany.

Cybersecurity firms earlier identified Ocean Lotus hacking attempts against dissidents, governments and corporations across Southeast Asia. The hackers are suspected of having links with the Vietnamese government, which acts against dissent.

Amnesty asked the Vietnamese government to investigate.

The report says that blogger and pro-democracy activist Bui Thanh Hieu was attacked with spyware at least four times between February 2018 and December 2019. He left Vietnam and has lived in Germany since 2013. Another blogger from Vietnam, …


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