As the war in Ukraine continues, Chinese President Xi Jinping articulated A new vision for the international order that he proposes will prevent future conflicts. During a video speech at the annual Boao Asia Forum on April 21, Xi said suggested a “global security initiative” that upholds the principle of “indivisible security.” The concept that conditions It has become clear time and again that no country can strengthen its own security at the expense of others called of Russia in talks on Ukraine. Analysts note that this is the first time China has done so argued for “indivisible security” outside the context of the Russia-Ukraine crisis, with implications for future US action in Taiwan or the South China Sea.

Diplomatic Months language culminated in Xi’s proposal of a new model for a safer world order – one that puts China’s own geopolitical interests at the center. Six Points Initiative by Xi included a well-known call for “sustainable security”, the preservation of sovereignty, territoriality…

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