This may be a very useless comment of mine, but here are 2 solutions that are easy to do: 1. Reinstall, 2. Download Amibcp and look for this “amd-v” as it might be hidden. You can download Amibcp here: https: // -mmtool-% D0% B8- bcp /, bcp v3 is for Amibios, bcp v4 is for aptio 4 and bcp 5 is for aptio 5, you probably have aptio 5 so use v5.

If that doesn’t work I have another solution, but it’s pretty tricky if you don’t have a swappable BIOS chip like me. Before doing this backup of the mobo BIOS as you might need, here are the steps if you want to use this method but it’s pretty hard (the flashing part), 1. Find all msi b450 mobos, 2. Download bioses until you find one with the amd V option (via the BIOS in amibcp), 3. If you find one, get your BIOS programmer ready and make sure it has a BIOS clip (assuming you have a). I’m using ch341a, 4.Download asprogrammer to another computer (so if you …


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