AMD is investigating claims of a brazen cyberattack by the RansomHouse gang


Semiconductor giant AMD is investigating a suspected cyberattack by a group that claims to have stolen 450 gigabytes of the company’s data, allegedly due to lax password controls.

RansomHouse, believed to be a relatively new data extortion gang, claims on its dark website that it obtained the files by breaching AMD’s system on January 5, 2022.

The gang say they don’t breach security systems per se, but find ways into networks and then act as a sort of ransomware “intermediary” between attackers and victims, according to published reports.

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In an interview with CRN, Brett Callow, a ransomware expert and threat analyst at Emsisoft, said that RansomHouse staff simply wants to present their operation as a platform provider for “members” who use their own ransomware tools, including the infamous White Rabbit.

But he said such claims are “probably BS”.

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