As expected, AMD took to the CES stage this week to announce new laptop CPUs. Most of the new Ryzen 5000 mobile chip families have similarities to the desktop CPUs the company announced a few months ago and will ship with laptops from some of the larger computer manufacturers starting February.

The new chips are divided into two sub-families, both of which are based at least in part on 7 nm Zen 3 technology: there is the H series, which is intended for high-quality, performance-oriented gaming and content creation notebooks, and the U series. Series aimed at Intel’s dominance in the ultra-portable space with a stronger focus on energy efficiency.

The largest lifters in the range are the Ryzen 9 5980HX and 5980HS. The former is a game-oriented chip that is unlocked for overclocking on some machines. The latter is now more geared towards laptops for creative people. Both (and all but two chips in the Ryzen 5000 mobile family) have eight CPU cores and 16 threads with up to 4.8 Hz.

Here is a table of specifications for all of the announced chips from AMDs website::

The AMD Ryzen 5000 Mobile Lineup.
Enlarge /. The AMD Ryzen 5000 Mobile Lineup.

The U series also includes 8-core chips, but as you can see there are a couple of 6-core chips out there too. While AMD has recently made the life of rival Intel more difficult in performance-oriented machines, Intel is still dominating the ultra-portable space (for now), so AMD certainly hopes for some growth. Up to this point, AMD claims that the 5800U can deliver nearly 18 hours of battery life for normal use cases and up to 21 hours for video playback. (Intel announced also this week own laptop chips.)

On the gaming side, AMD beats the Intel Core i9-10980HK in 3DMark by more than 20 percent, which seems plausible in view of the desktop side – although it would of course be advisable to wait for benchmarks from someone other than AMD.

OEMs have already started touting laptops with these chips. We therefore expect these glowing benchmarks to appear as early as next month.

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