Stellantis is reaching out to Amazon to deliver a range of connected in-vehicle products and services to its vehicles through 2024 as part of the global automaker’s plan to generate $ 22.5 billion annually from software by 2024.

The collaboration, announced Wednesday at the 2022 CES tech show, is set to touch almost every aspect of Stellantis’ business. The companies said Amazon’s technology will be used to help Stellantis develop vehicles, build connected driving experiences and train the next generation of automotive software engineers.

As part of this multi-year contract, Stellantis has selected Amazon Web Services (AWS) as the preferred cloud provider for vehicle platforms. Stellantis, which recently launched a software academy for existing and new employees, is also working with AWS to create a curriculum that covers software, data, and cloud technology.

Stellantis presented its software plan in December, but did not mention Amazon at the …

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