Amazon’s stock split is complete, but the impact may come later


Amazon (AMZN 1.42%) completed a much-anticipated stock split earlier this month, its first in more than 20 years. And the stock has made incredible gains over the past two decades.

Around the time of the last split, shares were trading for less than $5. They’re up more than 6,000% since then. When shares topped $3,600 at their peak last year, investors were hoping for a stock split.

The retail giant granted that wish earlier this year when it announced a 20-to-1 split. The process does not change the market value of the company, but rather lowers the price of each individual share. Investors hoped for price gains. But this time her wish was not granted. At least not yet.

Why is sentiment towards Amazon negative?

First of all, breakup or not, why is sentiment towards Amazon so negative these days? Amazon’s sales, profits, and return on invested capital have grown over the past two years. But then things changed. All three actions have…


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