Amazon is a shopping site. Google is all about search. Microsoft makes Windows.

This is what many people think of when they consider the reputations of three of the largest technology companies. Increasingly, however, the labels are all out of date, as the three companies are turning more to a far more profitable business area: cloud computing.

The rise of Andy Jassy as Amazon’s future CEO on Tuesday was the latest evidence that the outlook for big tech is increasingly bleak. Jassy has built the company’s cloud business, Amazon Web Services, from the ground up over the past two decades. Later that year he will run the entire company.

“It’s a crowning glory for the cloud,” said Ben Pring, an industry analyst who wrote about cloud computing in the 1990s when the idea of ​​putting valuable information on other people’s computer networks found many potential customers insane.

The fluffy name “Cloud Computing” can hide what Amazon, Google, Microsoft …

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