Founder and CEO Jeff Bezos.

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Ann Hiatt recalls that Jeff Bezos didn’t like sitting for long.

As assistant to the management of the Amazon CEO from 2002 to 2005, Hiatt was tasked with keeping an eye on Bezos’ whereabouts. At the time, the fast-growing internet retailer had moved into an Art Deco building that was once a US Navy hospital. It would be years before Amazon moved into a series of shiny glass buildings in downtown Seattle, with a campus that spans several city blocks and includes three glass spheres filled with plants from around the world.

Bezos refused to take the elevator to Amazon’s office on the 14th floor in the historic building commonly referred to as the old PacMed Center, recalls Hiatt. Instead, he often ran up and down the stairs without breaking a sweat.

“He’s like a puppy. He drove laps and was never tired,” Hiatt said in an interview. “This is Jeff. He couldn’t be held back.”

This picture of Bezos captures the …


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