Amazon’s mainframe killer is helping banks rebuild old apps for the cloud


Amazon Web Services Inc. today announced the general availability of a major new service that offers companies an easy way to migrate their mainframe workloads to the cloud.

AWS Mainframe Modernization, previewed at last year’s AWS re:Invent, offers customers two options for migrating mainframe workloads. First, they can transform their applications, typically written in the older programming language COBOL, into modern, Java-based cloud services. Second, customers can keep their original application code and transition those apps to AWS with minimal changes.

Whichever customers choose, they can rest assured that the new service will provide a complete, end-to-end migration pipeline that handles development, testing, and deployment along with a heavy dose of automation.

“With AWS Mainframe Modernization, customers and systems integrators can now more quickly and easily refactor or reengineer mainframe applications to run in the cloud,” said AWS General Manager of…

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