Amazon’s AWS Launches SMB Vidyalaya for Digital Upskilling; expands SME-focused…


Technology for MSME: Amazon Web Services (AWS), the cloud-computing arm of Amazon, virtually announced a series of new technology offerings for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) on Tuesday. The company launched an educational program SMB Vidyalaya for small business digital upskilling through webinars covering content in over 50 modules focused on digital literacy and outreach using AWS Cloud. AWS said the program would also provide access to various resources available at its India SMBHub and AWS Store on Amazon Business Marketplace, along with a team of professionals to help SMBs advance technology.

SMB Vidyalaya will be available through a hybrid training model combining online and in-person channels. AWS said it is working with SMB-focused associations like the Noida-based World Association for Small and Medium Enterprises (WASME) to raise awareness of the program through instructional videos, product brochures and webinars.

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