Amazon’s ad business could grow bigger than AWS’s, argues the analyst [Video]


Amazon Web Services (AWS) generated $19.7 billion in revenue in the company’s second quarter, the online tech giant announced Tuesday as part of its earnings report.

And while AWS made up a significant portion of Amazon (AMZN) total sales at 16.24%, one Wall Street analyst predicts another area of ​​the business could top those contributors.

“If you see some of the bidding, some of the NFL, some of the other ad-based connected TV content that they follow, there’s a long way to go to grow their advertising business,” Nick Jones, an equity analyst at JMP Securities, told Yahoo Finance Live (video above). “That could be very, very profitable, possibly more than the AWS business over the longer term.”

Amazon made $8.76 billion in advertising revenue in the second quarter. That revenue, which included things like ads on the e-commerce site, helped Wall Street beat estimates overall.

Jones’ projection…


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