Amazon workers in New York voted against joining the Amazon Labor Union on Monday, a month after the union group won a separate election to create its first unionized department store.

Workers at the LDJ5 camp in Staten Island voted against the ALU, with a majority of 618 opposed to union representation while 380 were in favour. The results have yet to be approved by the US National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).

Christian Smalls, leader of the ALU, said he was “proud of the workers/organizers of the LDJ5″ despite the election result. “Our leaders should be very proud of having given their colleagues the right to join a union. [ALU] will continue to organize and you should all do the same,” he said tweeted.

Seth Goldstein, a lawyer representing the union group, said it would “challenge the election” and claimed Amazon “violated laboratory conditions in this election with mandatory anti-union meetings”…

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