The ** profit ** from AWS is higher than the ** revenue ** from Google. (Source: Axios)

The latest update to the Cloud Wars is a bit lost in the shuffle of the news “Jeff Bezos resigns”.

Per AxiosAmazon Web Services (AWS) had sales of $ 43.4 billion and profits of $ 13.5 billion in 2020. By comparison, Google Cloud’s revenue is $ 13.1 billion loss of $ 5.6 billion.

Some things to consider about these numbers:

  • Growth: Google Cloud’s full year revenue is growing faster (+ 46% YoY) compared to AWS (+ 30% YoY).
  • Profitability: Google Cloud is still experiencing huge losses as it increases its cloud presence in enterprises. It is noteworthy, however, that at the same corporate age as Google Cloud – 9 years later – AWS generated $ 1.8 billion in profit on $ 7.9 billion in annual revenue The information. (Bezos was always about cost discipline).
  • Market share: AWS has hit a plateau of ~ 33% in the past few years, while Microsoft has doubled its share since 2017 (10-20%). And with 9%, Google is currently in 3rd place …

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