AWS re / Start and IN4.0 are collaborating on a new program to advance careers in cloud computing in Greater Manchester.

They aim to build an “inclusive and diverse” pipeline of cloud talent by focusing on training the unemployed and underemployed

“Industry demand for cloud adoption far exceeds the number of new, cloud-savvy employees, so organizations are struggling to find and hire the talent needed to implement cloud services,” said Tejas Vashi, AWS re / Start Global team lead.

“To overcome this systematic situation between supply and demand, cloud talent must be nurtured from non-traditional sources. AWS re / Start brings new talent to the cloud ecosystem by training unemployed and underemployed people with little technological background and preparing them for the start of a cloud career. ”

AWS re / Start is a 12-week, competency-based training program that combines basic AWS cloud knowledge as well as hands-on professional skills such as interviews and …

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