Amazon Web Services launches its AWS Space Accelerator for Startups – SatNews


Helping startups succeed from launch to IPO was an integral part of Amazon Web Services (AWS) From the beginning. Today, more startups are building on AWS than any other cloud provider, and many customers and partners started using AWS early on.

For example, Capella Space began its journey with AWS as a startup to provide customers with access to satellite data within minutes of collection – far faster than traditional satellite data services and at a lower cost.

As the global aerospace and satellite industry enters a new age, harnessing the power of startups will drive innovation and improve access to space data. AWS understands the importance of creating and maintaining startup communities. Today we are proud to announce the launch of the AWS Space Accelerator.

The AWS Space Accelerator is a four-week business support program open to space startups looking to use AWS to solve the biggest challenges in the space industry.

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